Day #3

by Jennie Finch on June 24, 2010

Today we had a big win against China, we won 1-0! It felt good getting our uni’s on and competing! Venezuela has really created an Olympic style atmosphere in Caracas! The stadium is gorgeous and the stands were full of people. Cat pitched a great game for us on the mound.

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Long Overdue

by Jennie Finch on June 22, 2010

Hola amigos from Caracas, Venezuela! We are here for World Championships with USA Softball! We landed last night to a warm welcome here in South America! Welcomed with beautiful music, flags, chocolate, lots of smiling faces, and a warm delicious meal of grilled chicken, rice, & plantains! We had an easy drive to the hotel with a police escort and VIP treatment. We are very excited to be here and to start competing.World Championships now (since the Olympics dropped Softball) is the only event every four years in which the entire world competes. This is our big event. ...

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A List of 27 for My Mom!

by Jennie Finch on May 11, 2010

Happy 1 day late Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there! I hope you all had a well deserved most fabulous Mother’s Day! I enjoyed my day with my Ace’s at a couple of ball fields, a save, and then topped off with a wonderful dinner with them & ice cream on the couch!Actual dinners like sitting down at a table as a family is far and few between during the baseball season we can usually count them on one hand. I was very thankful we were able to share a dinner together at a table as a family… a precious gift!I am so inc...

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At Capitol Hill Support Physical Fitness

by Jennie Finch on March 15, 2010

Last week I joined an incredible list of athletes and the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Assoc. for National Health through Fitness day. Our goal was to try to gain support for the Physical Education Bill. Thank you Mizuno for being so actively involved and allowing me to be a part of raising awareness for a great cause.It was my 2nd time meeting with Congressmen & Women and Senators in our Capitol. The first time was with the Women’s Sports Foundation...

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