The End Is In Sight!

by Jennie Finch on May 20, 2011

My due date is fast approaching — it seems like this blog is weekly and not monthly the way time is flying by! I keep coming across things that I should have and be prepared, for such as a birthing plan. Well, I’m not that organized and really am used to living on the fly. However, I do need to get myself and all the things we’ll need together because Baby Daigle will be here before we know it.It’s a little strange because we are

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My Mama!

by Jennie Finch on May 8, 2011

 “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” Abraham LincolnWhen I think of my Mother I think of my rock, my go to, to backbone, and so much more.  I am so blessed to have the Mother I do.  She is always there and always has been.  I cannot think of a time where I didn’t have her there.  The many games she has sat t...

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Happy 5th Birthday Ace!

by Jennie Finch on May 4, 2011

5 years ago today our world was rocked, turned upside down, scattered around, and we were blessed with the greatest gift of all- Our Ace! Our hearts were ripped up and placed inside this 8 lb 11 oz angel. We were blessed with this love that we’d never felt or had before.So many emotions, joy, excitement, worry, elation, responsibility, happiness, anxiousness- I became a better woman, Casey became a better man. Our dream had come true we were parents, a mom and a dad! Each day our lov...

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Jennie’s recent blog post for People Magazine

by Jennie Finch on April 19, 2011

Jennie Finch’s Blog: Finding Friends in FresnoPlease give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Jennie Finch! The recently retired softball player is expecting her second child in late June and will be sharing her pregnancy experience with us monthly.The Olympian, 30 — who won gold in Athens and s...

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Passionately Chasing The Dream!

by Jennie Finch on April 8, 2011

Last night sitting at opening night for Triple A baseball, watching Casey start another season of ball so many thoughts went through my mind. I was in awe of what a beautiful site it was. For starts it may have been the fact that for this wife and mommy I was feeling so completely blessed with my surroundings. I was sitting there with Ace sound asleep on my lap, yes he is 50 lbs and my shirt covered in drool but I was loving every minute of it! Meanwhile, Baby Daigle was kicking and fist pumping for room and letting us know he is in there and squished! It may have been the first brother bat...

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