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Passionately Chasing The Dream!

by Jennie Finch on April 8, 2011

Last night sitting at opening night for Triple A baseball, watching Casey start another season of ball so many thoughts went through my mind. I was in awe of what a beautiful site it was. For starts it may have been the fact that for this wife and mommy I was feeling so completely blessed with my surroundings. I was sitting there with Ace sound asleep on my lap, yes he is 50 lbs and my shirt covered in drool but I was loving every minute of it! Meanwhile, Baby Daigle was kicking and fist pumping for room and letting us know he is in there and squished! It may have been the first brother bat...

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Our Sport, Softball

by Jennie Finch on February 11, 2011

We all have been so blessed to see our game of softball explode over the last couple decades! On the International Level, Professional Level, Collegiate Level, High School Level, and at the Grass Root Level. I have been beyond blessed to be a part of our game at all of these levels, watching the legends of our game play and playing along side them. We as past players/current players want only to keep this progression going and continue to provide more and more opportunity for the millions of young girls playing our game all over the world. Now that I am retired I hope to have even more oppo...

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Jennie Finch Expecting Second Child

by Jennie Finch on January 10, 2011

“She recently retired from professional softball to focus on family – and Jennie Finch has decided to expand hers.  The Olympian and husband Casey Daigle are expecting their second child in late June, the softball star tells PEOPLE exclusively. The new baby will join big brother Ace Shane, 4½.”Read the entire article on People.com.  credit:  Sarah Michaud for People Magazine

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Hanging Up My Cleats

by Jennie Finch on August 26, 2010

Notice I didn’t use the word “Retire!” Retiring at 29 years old doesn’t really go. I am however hanging up my cleats. I hung up my red cleats with USA after the World Cup in July, and now its time for the pink and black to be hung up after this weekend. They will just be hung up, I am sure/hope I will un-hang them many times… for appearances, camps, clinics, Alumni games, and etc! Hopefully for next years...

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Day #6 & #7 in Caracas & Eating Venezuelan Style

by Jennie Finch on June 28, 2010

We played Australia yesterday, we won 9-2. It was a big victory for us as we are collecting wins for the top seed in our pool. We were happy to make it to our game on time… our bus suddenly was lost for about 20min. We made it and with plenty of warm up time.

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