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Thu, 04/19/2012 - 11:14
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Last week we went on vacation!  We got out of town and hit the road, just me and my boys.  A great way to begin because there’s nothing like that feeling of a change in routine, a break in schedule.  No school, no work! We’re off to lay on the beach, swim in the pool, fish, jet-ski and much more! Casey and I were talking and this is really our first family vacation with no work. We couldn’t wait to put our toes in the sand!

We’ve been going pretty hard already this spring, though, and it’s another kind of blessing to be able to spend time making memories as a family.  Diesel cut his first two teeth recently.  Ace “helped” him with his second one by giving him something hard to suck on.  Little D bit down on it and the tooth popped through. Ace was so excited that he’d had a part in it. Like every mama out there, each milestone reminds me that even though the days sometimes go slowly, the years go quickly.  A few days to pause and soak it all in is just what we needed.
We did it all while we were there, and had a blast!  Diesel had his first taste of sand.  A few baby fist fulls made it into his mouth before anyone could stop him.  He’s exploring and discovering in his own way, I guess!  We went deep sea fishing, too, which was so fun.  It was Diesel’s first real boat ride, and Ace loved looking at (but not touching!) all the jellyfish we caught in the net.  We got to see all the fish swimming next to the boat.  We didn’t catch them, but they were so beautiful swimming alongside.  It’s all so amazing. Science in everyday life. Such an adventure for me and my boys! The joy of watching them discover this world and all its blessings is hard to put into words.
We’re back now, and there’s lots going on.  The end of school is around the corner. My Oklahoma camp is coming up! An appearance in New Orleans at the zoo on April 27, and a trip to visit the Jennie Finch Softball Academy at Diamond Nation, and see how my Finch Aces are doing.  Looking forward to it all, and feeling gratitude for the many family and work blessings in my life!
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