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Fri, 04/08/2011 - 10:12
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Last night sitting at opening night for Triple A baseball, watching Casey start another season of ball so many thoughts went through my mind. I was in awe of what a beautiful site it was. For starts it may have been the fact that for this wife and mommy I was feeling so completely blessed with my surroundings. I was sitting there with Ace sound asleep on my lap, yes he is 50 lbs and my shirt covered in drool but I was loving every minute of it! Meanwhile, Baby Daigle was kicking and fist pumping for room and letting us know he is in there and squished! It may have been the first brother battle with many more to come but it was so beautiful! I was able to see my husband dressed out in another uniform and in different colors chasing the dream! And I might add he does look good in Orange & Black!

I began reflecting. This is the start of our 10th baseball season together and Casey’s 12th season since he was drafted from high school. When we started dating he was in Single A with the Lancaster Jet Hawks. Wow, where has time gone? Well, all over the US that is for sure. Through all the different levels of baseball and 4 different trips up to the Big Leagues! This is Casey’s 5th Ball Club overall and to think he just turned 30 last Monday! I am so proud of him for all he has accomplished and endured! He has experienced the terrible hotels and long bus rides to the private jets and 5 star hotels! My man has been round and round and up and down! (And the one thing he is probably most proud of is not one of those days of his 12 years has been spent on the DL. Pretty impressive! That is like not using a sick day in 12 years! I have to give him major props but also thank the big Man upstairs for allowing him to stay off the DL and tough enough not to give in and endure the pain at times!)

The craziest call up of all was with the D’Backs. He flew all the way to Florida to meet the team and to sit in the clubhouse for a game not even dress out, only to be sent right back to Tucson back to Triple A the next day! Talk about crazy! This is the reality of baseball. Getting “the call” is hard enough let alone having the opportunity to stick thats another journey!

As I was watching the game admiring the opening night hype and fresh cut green grass I was thinking about the men out there in uniform. Many of these guys have experienced the “Bigs” and are trying to get back there but there is more to it. They are husbands, dads, sons trying to make a living to support their families. These are guys are all waiting hoping for “the call” but meanwhile making the most of each day in uniform. Hoping for “the call” and facing the reality that any day they could get the opposite released or sent down.

I was sitting there with complete admiration of these ball players and them chasing the dream! I was thinking I hope I keep living as though I am chasing a dream! I hope that passion continues within us all. Its the journey of chasing the dream that is the most memorable indeed! The ups and downs, the joy and heartbreak, the victory and defeat, may we continue chasing the dream just like these men in uniform! Not focusing on the what ifs but passionately living-chasing a dream, your dream! Meanwhile, continue to admire and be inspired by others chasing their dream like this mama was last night especially our very own #41!

May we all Continue to Dream & Believe!

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