Mizuno Launches New and Improved Frenzy 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat

by Mizuno USA on December 22, 2010

Mizuno launches the new and improved Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat Series.  The Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat is more balanced and offers one of the fastest and most consistent swing speeds of any bat on the market.  Several NCAA teams, including the 2009 NCAA Champion Washington Huskies, relied on the Mizuno Frenzy™ 3.0 for their 2010 return to Oklahoma City for the Women’s College World Series.

Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpictch Softball Bats are uniquely made with Black Onyx Carbon™, a state of the art carbon fiber.  This carbon fiber is made in Japan, and is the same material used in the Boeing ‘Dreamliner’ 787 jets.  Black Onyx Carbon™ provides maximum distance, ultimate control, and superior durability.  The Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat is made from stronger materials for more consistent wall thickness for the most durable Mizuno bat ever.

Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bats utilize Mizuno’s Techfire™ Technology, which is a unique threee-tiered layer of materials that maximizes performance through an enlarged sweet sort area.  The outer layer consists of Black Onyx Carbon™, with the middle layer comprised of a carbon fiber piping, and the inner most layer made of a carbon piping.  These tri-axial composites increase the sweet spot of the Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch resulting in stronger and more desired performance.

Another advanced technology in the Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch is Anti-Shock Construction™.  Mizuno’s research and development team created this innovative technology, which is designed to reduce vibration on all “miss-hits.”  To control stiffness of the Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat from top to bottom, Mizuno’s research team added additional Black Onyx Carbon™ “flags” to the bat.  There are about twice as many “flags” on each Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat, giving 38% less vibration than previous models.

During the production process, Mizuno utilizes a revolutionary air molding inner wall system designed to create a more consistent carbon frame.  From there, all Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bats are tested for quality control prior to becoming available for purchase.  Using X-ray scanning technology, Mizuno inspects each Frenzy™ 3.0 bat for cracks, wrinkles, and pipe separations in the carbon “flags” to ensure the quality and durability of the bats, along with the desired performance.

The Mizuno Frenzy 3.0 bat line offers the most advanced Fastpitch Softball Bats ever produced and they will quickly become the bat of choice for any player at any level looking for maximum power, superior feel, and ultimate durability, in an outstanding looking bat,” said Dick Grapenthin, Vice President and General Manager of Diamond Sports, Mizuno USA.  “The Frenzy 3.0 has been upgraded from top to bottom from the popular Frenzy 2 softball bat.

The Buzz about the Mizuno Frenzy™ 3.0:

“We have been really impressed with the way the Frenzy 3.0 bats have performed.  The durability and the performance is unreal.  Our kids really enjoy the way the bats feel in their hands.  They feel like they have a little bit of an advantage.  We have seen our power number increase and our batting averages increase.

--  Howard Dobson  Head Coach, University of Southern Mississippi

“We won the conference and positioned ourselves in the Top 25 using the bat.  The Frenzy 3.0 has allowed us to be able to do everything that we have set out to do.  The sweet spot produces hits up and down the bat.  Mizuno’s commitment to excellence always comes through.   Every year you know you are going to get a better product from Mizuno, and we know that we are going to have an advantage because of that.”

--  Matt Meuchel  Head Coach, University of Nevada-Reno

Frenzy™ 3.0 Fastpitch Softball Bats are available in two different Fastpitch styles, the Fastpitch (-8) model, and a (-10) model.  The (-8) model is available in two sizes (34 inches, 33”) and the (-10) model is available in five sizes (34 inches, 33”, 32”, 31”, 30”).

The Frenzy™ 3.0 collection of bats join the Frenzy™, Frenzy 2™, Shadow, Avalanche, and Jennie Finch Signature Series giving Mizuno its most powerful arsenal of Fastpitch Softball Bats ever. 


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