Hanging Up My Cleats

by Jennie Finch on August 26, 2010

Notice I didn’t use the word “Retire!” Retiring at 29 years old doesn’t really go. I am however hanging up my cleats. I hung up my red cleats with USA after the World Cup in July, and now its time for the pink and black to be hung up after this weekend. They will just be hung up, I am sure/hope I will un-hang them many times… for appearances, camps, clinics, Alumni games, and etc! Hopefully for next years MLB Celebrity All-Star game too!

I am overflowing with such gratitude! I am so incredibly thankful and blessed. My career has been more than I could of possibly dreamed of or even imagined! It has so super exceeded any and all expectations. It would be great however to go out with a NPF Championship this weekend, I’m not gonna lie! No, seriously… Thank you to all who have helped, encouraged, prayed, supported, cheered, loved, and more. I am so grateful and you the teammates, fans, competitors, Coaches, trainers, field crew, so many people have made it what it has been… Completely Amazing!

A lot of people have asked Why? Why now? Well my answer is I just feel it is time. My love of the game is still alive and well-Trust Me. Each summer has gotten harder and harder on us as a family though. Traveling 3-4 times a week can get a little crazy! Ace is 4 years old now and we would like to have more kids, Lord Willing. I want to thank Casey my husband for his constant support through out it all. He has encouraged me from day 1, never once not allowing me to do what I love! I look forward to the future and being there for him and supporting him in his career and life in general. Our families, my parents and the Daigles have been our backbones enabling us to do what we love and have helped us remain our sanity as a family from state to state and to country to country. They have done so very much we could never thank them enough.

These last few weeks playing have been pretty emotional knowing this is it… I have done this for 24 years. Softball is all I know and has been my life. It hasn’t been easy and it won’t be easy to hang them up. However, I look forward to the future and what God has in store for our family. I look forward to hopefully doing more within the sport with camps, clinics, and continuing the growth of this great game-NPF and all over the world. I am hanging up the cleats but will be grabbing them every now and then, I am hopeful it will be pretty often!

Some say its “ironic” my last weekend is in Sulphur, LA, the home of my husband but I believe its all in His plans! I am filled with gratitude and peace playing this weekend at the field that Casey’s uniform number and name are posted up high! I am looking forward to enjoying this weekend competing as hard as I ever have with my teammates- Go Bandits! Bringin’ it to the Bayou!

With a heart filled with gratitude, appreciation, & many thanks!

Continuing to Dream & Believe!


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