At Capitol Hill Support Physical Fitness

by Jennie Finch on March 15, 2010

Last week I joined an incredible list of athletes and the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Assoc. for National Health through Fitness day. Our goal was to try to gain support for the Physical Education Bill. Thank you Mizuno for being so actively involved and allowing me to be a part of raising awareness for a great cause.

It was my 2nd time meeting with Congressmen & Women and Senators in our Capitol. The first time was with the Women’s Sports Foundation trying to get support to keep Title IX alive. This time it was quite similar except the atmosphere was much more intense due to the state of the economy & health care.

Overall it was a huge success, we were able in the meetings state our concern for keeping Physical Education in Schools. I learned some pretty amazing facts preparing for our tour.

-Schools are now being built with out play grounds and gymnasiums

-1/3 of our country is Obese & another 1/3 is Overweight

-Kids are 3-4 times more likely to play sports if they are introduced to PE in school

-Kids test scores are higher when involved in sports

-It costs $746 dollars per 1,000 kids to participate in PE, around 75 cents a kid. A math book averages $7 dollars a kid and some kids have a set of 2, 1 for home and 1 for school. Yet we are cutting PE?

-For every $1 spent on PE the return is $3.20 long term (health bills & etc)

It is crucial we get our young kids active! I cannot express the importance of this. It is prevention, prevention of diabetes, obesity, self esteem, confidence, and so much more! We have to make it a point and invest in the future of this Country! So many skills from the classroom can be taught through PE, math, problem solving, and etc. We need to be creative and keep our kids moving! Kids aren’t safe hanging in the neighborhood anymore, playing til the street lights come on. Most kids stay inside after school are on the computer or playing video games. Parents I want to encourage you to make it a point to join your kids and help them be active. Technology & Electronics have blessed us in so many ways but have cursed us in so many ways also. We have to unite and take a stand to help our kids, they are our future!

Trust me as a mom I know how TV and electronics simplify our lives and I too have to make a point to turn it off! So many times I find myself missing out on interacting with Ace because of electronics consuming him. We’ve been going on bike rides the last couple weeks and exploring the outdoors together, it has been so enjoyable! We love going to the playground too, meeting new people and playing outside. Let’s all join in, get moving & get active!

It was so uplifting meeting so many in the Sporting Goods Industry and on Capitol Hill that are actively supporting this cause and trying to make a difference! I was honored to be a part of National Health Through Fitness Day! Let’s all try to do our part and get our kids outside, active, and eating a more healthy balanced diet.

Dreaming & Believing in a brighter future!


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