Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver

“Most adjustable drivers start with the tour player as their base point. the JPX-EZ puts the amateur firmly in the middle of its Quick Switch settings. the EZ is a driver designed to launch the ball fast and high with very little spin. Once adjusted, you’ve got a colossal, high launching head with the ability to change the way you see the course.”
Richard Delvac – Club Engineer.

Design Details

Available November 2013 - Check with your local Mizuno Golf retailer for availability!

Your odds just improved with the incredible JPX-EZ adjustable driver.

A massive playing profile with a low and deep extended weighting system launches the ball into an optimized, low spinning orbit – from whichever QuickSwitch setting you choose.

The JPX-EZ is no ordinary adjustable driver – ranging from a neutral setting with a high straight ball flight to a welcoming draw bias. The Quick Switch mechanism offers 8 intuitive settings which deliver a vast range of difference – no need for tour quality ball striking to see the variation in trajectory.

A Rebound Crown keeps ball speeds maxed out across the entire clubface for consistently long tee shots.

Attack the course. Split the fairway like you never have before with the JPX-EZ.

Tech Spec

  • HOT METAL Face Design: Multi-Thickness CORTECH for high COR area and max distance from everywhere.
  • Rebound Crown: Softer edged o.6 mm crown flexes for increased average ball speeds.
  • Quick Switch: 8 intuitive settings with noticeable trajectory differences.
  • Low Profile: Tendency for optimized low spin in all settings.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Sound tuning fins for Mizuno level feel and feedback.


Club #9.510.5
Loft º9.5º10.5º
Lie º59.0º59.0º
Face AngleSquareSquare
Length "45.50"45.50"

Standard Stock SKUs

210574 RH Graphite

Stock Shafts

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R, S

Custom Shafts

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Fujikura Orochi Black Eye Driver - LL, L, R, S

R, S, X

Stock Grips

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0.60 Round

Custom Grips

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Tour Velvet - 0.58 Round

Tour Velvet Midsize - 0.60 Round

Tour Velvet Jumbo - 0.60 Round

Tour Velvet White Full Cord - 0.60 Round

Tour Velvet Black Full Cord - 0.58 Round

Tour Velvet 360

Tour Wrap 2G - 0.60 Round

Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo - 0.60 Round

Tour Wrap 2G White - 0.60 Round

Multicompound BL/BK - 0.58 Round

Multicompound RD/BK - 0.60 Round

Multicompound WH/BK - 0.60 Round

Multicompound WH/BK - 0.60 Round, Midsize

Multicompound YW/BK - 0.60 Round

Multicompound Whiteout RD - 0.60 Round

Multicompound Whiteout BL - 0.60 Round

Multicompound Whiteout BK - 0.60 Round

Xi7 Men's - 0.58 Round

DriTac Women's - 0.60 Round

DSI Black Women's - 0.60 Round

Winn Mizuno Lady Excel 360

Cross Line - 0.58 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN "Mizuno" Blue - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN Gray - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN White - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN Red - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN Orange - 0.60 Round

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