Performance gear, geared for youth.

Even the very best athletic equipment isn’t going to be the perfect design for every athlete. This is especially true when it comes to youth players. In baseball and softball, most youth gloves are simply shrunken versions of adult designs. Mizuno’s Power Close technology changes all of that by incorporating several key features to help youth players perform at their peak.

It starts with the V-Flex Notch in the heel of the glove. This notch creates a natural flex point in the correct position to help younger players easily close the glove with good form. And our exclusive Tartan Flex Webbing locks in the ball for a secure catch every time. Power Close allows younger players to learn and practice good form so that as they graduate to higher levels of play, they’re building on a solid foundation. So Power Close really helps create better performance today, and tomorrow.

  • V-Flex forms natural seam
  • Tartan Flex Web locks in ball
  • Encourages development of good form