The unmatched feel of Mizuno Grain Flow Forging™

For thousands of years, the forging process has been employed to create some of the world’s finest swords, weapons, and tools. Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process brings together the latest forging techniques to create an iron that boasts unbelievable performance and feedback with the soft, consistent feel you expect from Mizuno.

For each of Mizuno’s Grain Flow forged clubs, the journey begins with a single piece of high-quality 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel billet. We carefully heat the billet before beginning the shaping process with a 1000-ton hammer press. This process aligns the grains in the metal and avoids microscopic air bubbles that can form during typical casting processes. Through repeated forging and finishing steps, that raw billet is crafted into irons that boast the classic soft Mizuno feel and feedback that you can trust shot after shot, round after round.

  • Aligns grain structure throughout clubhead
  • Enhances clubhead feel and feedback
  • Soft feel reduces unwanted vibrations