Cover Story on Bob Puccini in Smart Business Atlanta Magazine

by Mizuno USA on December 7, 2011

The December issue of Smart Business Atlanta magazine features a cover story on Mizuno USA President Bob Puccini. This multi-page article discusses the transformation of the Mizuno Brand from a company chasing revenue when Bob arrived in 1996, to a company with a premium perception that achieved record profits in 2010, and how that was accomplished through the development of remarkable product, and personalized brand experiences (Run With Us, Performance Fitting System) for our consumers and customers.

Bob talks with the publication about his best business practices, including being honest with yourself and playing to your strengths, bringing in the right people who have tangible consumer products experience and can embrace the challenger spirit of the Mizuno culture, and the importance of improving your processes by listening to the pulse of the organization.

Smart Business is a management journal providing insight and advice for top decision-makers. Each edition includes features articles on management strategies of CEOs of leading local companies. In addition, Smart Business partners with leading service providers to deliver expert advice to their senior management audience.

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