My Moment by Jordan Larson

by Brynn Murphy on July 16, 2012

When I think about the last couple days many emotions come rushing in. Something I have worked so hard for is finally becoming a reality. Words cannot express the joy that overcame me when I heard the news that I will be attending the Olympic Games in London. I will try and recap my morning for you all. It was July 3 at about 8:30 in the morning. We didn't have practice that day since we had meetings all morning to determine the 12 girls that will be making the roster. I was nervous and excited for my meeting at 10:20. I got up and did the normal routine, got dressed, ate and brushed my teeth. I had spoke with my strength coach the day before about getting in a cardio session since we wouldn't be having practice. He agreed that it would be a great idea. I arrived to the gym around 9:30 prepared to do an intense workout and man did he give me just that. I was on the spin bike doing a circuit that lasted about 20 mins.( I know it doesn't seem that long but I was tired!!) Needless to say I was dripping sweat and completely out of breath. Little did I know it was already time for me to go up for my meeting. Walking up the stairs to the coaches offices the past 12 years of my life came flashing back. I was thinking about the 1st time I stepped foot on a volleyball court. The 1st time I attempted to jump serve. The 1st ever club volleyball tryout that I almost missed out on because I was such a chicken. The 1st time I made a team. My first coaches. So many memories of hard work, sacrifice and determination came rushing in. This was my moment. As I walked into their office it was a very intimidating environment. All four coaches sat in a half circle staring at me. Now remember I was still dripping sweat, was beat red and couldn't breath. All the coaches asked me are you okay? With wide eyes of confusion... Like what just happened to you. I explained and we moved on to the meeting. Hugh proceeded to tell me that I will be apart of the 12 going to London. ( after that I kinda blacked out... Well I just kinda sat there with a smile in my face.) He then said well we don't want to stop you from getting your workout in so Congratulations and proceeded to give me a hug. I felt sorry for all the coaches for having to give me a hug as I was dripping sweat. I walked out of that meeting trying to grasp what had just happened. I was in shock that I am actually living the dream! My dream!!!! I proceeded to call all my family and friends. It wasn't until I was speaking with a family friend when it all hit me. And man did it hit me like a ton a bricks. She kept trying to talk to me but I had no response as I was a weeping mess. All that was going threw my mind was my mom. What I would give to call her and tell her I did it!! I know she would be proud but at that moment I just wanted to hear her voice!! I can just see her now doing some crazy dance of hers and jumping for joy. Oh how I miss her! This has been one incredible week and it has only just begun. I have so much to be thankful for and so many people to thank for helping me be who I am today! :). As much as I would love to celebrate this huge accomplishment there is still work to do. We have 2 more weeks of training before we head to London and 3 weeks until the big show. This is what we have all been training for and I am confident that we will be in full force when we get to London. I am so happy to be apart of this team.

Dream Big & Never Settle,


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Chipper Jones Makes Final All-Star Game a Memorable One

by Mizuno USA on July 11, 2012

Mizuno Brand Ambassador and Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones announced before the 2012 season that this would be his last year playing professional baseball.  The 40-year old Chipper is hitting .318 on the season, which was more than enough to earn him a spot on the National League All-Star Team for the eighth time in his career.  The future Hall-of-Famer's last All-Star Game was certainly one of the more compelling stories from last night.  Prior to the game, National League Manager Tony LaRussa asked Chipper to speak to the team about the game.  Here is a clip of Chipper's speech:

The National League won the All-Star Game for the third year in a row, defeating the American League 8-0.  Chipper had one at-bat in the game, and certainly made the most of it after a warm embrace from the Kansas City crowd.  Here is a clip of Chipper's final All-Star Game at-bat:

A few other Mizuno-related stories from the All-Star Game were the great start of San Francisco Giants pitcher and Cy Young hopeful Matt Cain, who threw two scoreless innings and picked up the win for the NL.  Cain was using the new Mizuno Pro Limited Glove, which launches on August 1st.  At several spots during the first two innings, FOX showed Cain's new leather and his custom All-Star Game cleats, offering excellent visibility for the Mizuno Brand.  Here is a clip of Cain's solid start for the National League:

Also using the new Mizuno Pro Limited was Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale, who worked a scoreless-inning of relief.  Sale, a Cy Young hopeful for the American League, recorded a strikeout in his first All-Star Game. Here is a clip of Sale's scoreless inning:


Finally, the Kansas City Royals' Billy Butler received an outstanding ovation as the lone All-Star from the hometown team.  Butler worked the count full before striking out in his one plate appearance, but had the crowd cheering late in a lopsided contest.  Here is a clip of the rousing ovation that Butler received from the Kansas City fans:

The regular season picks back up on Friday, and it should be another great second half as the Pennant races heat up. 

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Spring break fun

by Jennie Finch on April 19, 2012

Last week we went on vacation!  We got out of town and hit the road, just me and my boys.  A great way to begin because there’s nothing like that feeling of a change in routine, a break in schedule.  No school, no work! We’re off to lay on the beach, swim in the pool, fish, jet-ski and much more! Casey and I were talking and this is really our first family vacation with no work. We couldn’t wait to put our toes in the sand!

We’ve been going pretty hard already this spring, though, and it’s another kind of blessing to be able to spend time making memories as a family.  Diesel cut his first two teeth recently.  Ace “helped” him with his second one by giving him something hard to suck on.  Little D bit down on it and the tooth popped through. Ace was so excited that he’d had a part in it. Like every mama out there, each milestone reminds me that even though the days sometimes go slowly, the years go quickly.  A few days to pause and soak it all in is just what we needed.
We did it all while we were there, and had a blast!  Diesel had his first taste of sand.  A few baby fist fulls made it into his mouth before anyone could stop him.  He’s exploring and discovering in his own way, I guess!  We went deep sea fishing, too, which was so fun.  It was Diesel’s first real boat ride, and Ace loved looking at (but not touching!) all the jellyfish we caught in the net.  We got to see all the fish swimming next to the boat.  We didn’t catch them, but they were so beautiful swimming alongside.  It’s all so amazing. Science in everyday life. Such an adventure for me and my boys! The joy of watching them discover this world and all its blessings is hard to put into words.
We’re back now, and there’s lots going on.  The end of school is around the corner. My Oklahoma camp is coming up! An appearance in New Orleans at the zoo on April 27, and a trip to visit the Jennie Finch Softball Academy at Diamond Nation, and see how my Finch Aces are doing.  Looking forward to it all, and feeling gratitude for the many family and work blessings in my life!

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Spring has sprung!

by Jennie Finch on April 12, 2012

Spring is here! It’s been an amazing few months, and a great start to the year. I’ve been blessed to be part of the ESPN team this spring, working in the booth at a few softball games.  It’s a little nerve-wracking but I’m working at it.  Practicing, getting my reps in, learning all the production terms, timing, and putting hay in the barn all the time.  I love it, though.  I get to talk to coaches, players, and be around the game in the College atmosphere. There is nothing like it and it only keeps growing and getting better! It keeps the great memories I have fresh for me, and of course working alongside softball greats like Michelle Smith, Beth Mowins, and more is always an honor!

Last week I was lucky enough to be working with the folks at the American Heart Association to help promote their Billion Calorie Count-UP.  They are such a fun team of people! We had so many laughs, and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Arnett, who is president of the AHA.  She knows so much, and their message was so humbling and inspiring all at once: less than 1% of Americans meet the AHA standards for a healthy heart, yet heart disease is completely preventable.  Just walking 30 minutes a day will really improve heart health. It’s a such a simple way for us all to be heart healthy!
Mentioning this experience wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to Amanda, Patricia and Christy who work tirelessly behind the scenes at AHA to get the message out! In the many hours we spent together between interviews, Amanda gave me the best info on eyelash extensions, which truly seem to be a miraculous invention. Patricia gave me insight into what my world will be like when my boys are teenagers — I’m so not ready! And Christy was my fellow tall-girl on the shoot. Nothing like having someone around who feels your pain when it comes to finding pants in extra-long lengths!
I feel so blessed to have these little adventures and meet new people, but at the end of it, I love getting home to my boys.  They have my heart, and I miss them terribly the whole time I’m gone. Their sweet, little faces, tears and smiles, hugs and cuddles.

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Wounded Warriors, the Power of i, and Billy the Goat!

by Jennie Finch on March 2, 2012


I can’t believe it’s already March! The holidays flew by, and my boys are keeping me busy.  Like every working mom, I’m trying to keep the balance in my life between work and home.  My little guys rule my heart, though! Every day I spend with them is such a precious blessing.  Baby D is getting bigger and is on the go, crawling around after his big brother, and Ace is more active all the time.  He keeps me on my toes, and there’s so much to do living in the country.  We love getting on our four-wheelers and heading out as a family.  This place is truly becoming my home, and I love it here.  It will be a new experience staying through the spring.  Casey’s decided to retire from baseball, which means for the first time ever we’re not packing up and heading out to spring training.  I’m so very proud of him for his many accomplishments on the field over the years, but even more proud to be his wife and see how much he loves his family.
We were so lucky to be invited to play in a celebrity softball game on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes All Star team in Florida this winter.  Our opponents were the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team, and they were incredible.  You can read more about them here. Their motto is “Life without Limbs is Limitless” and I believe it.  It was inspiring to be around these brave young men who have served our country so selflessly! We had so much fun and were blessed to spend time with them and hear their stories.  Casey and I were so impressed that we decided to host  a game here.  The Battle on the Bayou is happening this summer right here in Louisiana, and we’re putting together our celebrity team right now.  Tickets are for sale online with proceeds going to benefit Wounded Warriors, just click here.
Mid-February I received an email from my friend Julie Bartel at USA Softball telling me that I was to be given a Power of i award, and they wanted to present it to me the following week at the 5th Annual IOC Conference on Women in Sport.  It was a chance to speak about softball coming back into the Olympics to the people who make the decision.  I was so very honored to receive the award, and to have a chance to speak about something so close to my heart!! There’s a link to my speech here.  It hurts that I haven’t left the sport better than I came into it, that without IOC funding it’s harder for girls around the world to play. I was honored to be part of a rallying point to bring it and opportunities for girls back.  One of my heroes, Christine Brennan wrote this article about women’s sports in the Olympics.  I have said it so many times before, and I will say it again, sports changed my life, and it can make the lives of little girls everywhere better.  Anything I can do to help girls who want to play get involved in sports I’ll do!
I’ve been busy working over the past months on my new line of apparel with Mizuno.  It’s the Jennie Finch Field Collection, and we’re already putting together ideas and tweaking things for the second generation of apparel.  Having something like this has been a long time dream for me. It’s exciting to see the first pieces in stores!  I visited Dick’s in Atlanta last weekend to promote the launch of the line and got to visit with so many wonderful people.  Such a gift to be able to see the future of softball in the girls who came to visit with their parents.  Truly amazing!  Pictures from the event are here.  I never quite know what will happen while I’m away from my boys.  This time while I was gone Casey surprised me by bringing home a new goat. We named him Billy of course!
There are many, many good things ahead including days spent living the Country Life with my boys, two more stops at Dicks Sporting Goods stores, a magazine cover shoot and an appearance in Texas for the opening of a new facility.  Counting my blessings daily, and still dreaming & believing about the future of my sport and women’s sports in general!

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World League : Intercontinental Round by Brian Thornton

by Brynn Murphy on July 10, 2012


Italy: First off let me say that they are never kidding about it being a truly intercontinental experience. There's no second off following this first off. I just like beginning sentences with "first off". In fact, there will be many things to follow but I'm not going to number and list them. You can do that if you'd like in your head though from here on out. I would never ridicule you for your savant-like behavior. Seventh off, it was great to finally play in Italy. I was lucky enough to visit the country on christmas vacation and spend a lovely christmas eve dinner with a ton of American volleyball players all wondering how I was able to get a small retreat from Poland. Christmas was great and I really enjoyed the country and was looking forward to playing a little volleyball there during world league. It didn't really go as well as I had imagined. We lost to France, barely pulled out a 5 game thriller against an emotionally driven South Korean team and got drubbed by Italy in one of the best serving performances I have ever played against, if not the best. They had these unbelievable chocolate croissants at the hotel though so the weekend wasn't a total loss. 
France: We went to France. We won three matches. We ate Thai Food for 11 straight meals. And it was good Thai food. Nobody complained of repetitiveness. I have played in france before and have been on the receiving end of some bad asian food there. It's actually difficult to find good asian food in France. They nailed it. They pretty much nailed everything in France actually. Even the DJ hammered a rendition of a song that went "You have to pump it up, you gotta pump it up" permanently into my brain so that i can't see a ball blocked on the volleyball court without immediately singing those lines. He played it every time after a block. So roughly about 268 times. most of those belonging to David Smith that weekend. For those of you that don't know David Smith is hearing impaired and went to school with me all 4 years at UC Irvine. I've seen countless articles written about him over the years with his so-called "disability" being the thematic presence in the article. I hate that word. Terrible word. For one reason he wouldn't be quite the outstanding individual today if he was a "normy" such as myself. Don't get me wrong…he would still be an outstanding individual but he just wouldn't be the same David Smith who never complains about a bad set, yells genuinely at the top of his lungs with excitement after a stuff, falls asleep in 3 seconds flat, can never really get heckled, and shakes his head and gives me a "really this joke hasn't gotten old in 8 years?" look if i cover my mouth with my hand when speaking to him. Basically the David Smith I have come to know and love over the years. Also, I'm convinced that this thing works out in volleyball as an advantage. He's the best read blocker I have ever seen and I think some of it is strictly from his ability to pick things up that the rest of us "normies" can't because we take advantage of having all of our senses every day in our lives. Like Spidey with his spider senses. Dave smith has super hero read blocking senses. Dave Smith Senses. Speaking of which, no way this social network dude can live up to Tobias Maguire. He couldn't even hold onto The Facebook….now we expect him to hold onto Mary Jane while bouncing from skyscraper to skyscraper. This section should be titled "David Smith and bizarre spiderman tangent" but instead it's titled "France". Sorry.
South Korea: We flew directly from France. We won three matches. The hotel was filled with sweet electronic gizmos just as you might expect which was awesome. I like lights and pushing buttons. If I were a fish I wouldn't make it long. There's no lure I wouldn't chase. Side note: Don't go to Outback Steakhouse and order whatever it is they call the shrimp pasta in South Korea. You'll be sick for a couple days. Great decision by me. I couldn't have just gotten a steak that would be far too predictable. I had to go with an Australian American take on an Italian seafood dish in Asia. Smart. 
Dallas: We did enough to get to world league finals in Bulgaria by beating Italy in the last match. It was in front of a heavily weighted junior olympics crowd which was taking place at the same time in Dallas. All i really want to say here is that it was a lot of fun to see some of my old club coaches and watch my old juniors club play. It brought me back. I also want to say Thanks to USA volleyball for putting on a great event. The Omni hotel was fantastic and so were the many USA volleyball employees that were there to make it a great world league weekend.  You are not thanked enough for your time….so Thank you. Onto the finals in Bulgaria….

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What a summer! by Jordan Larson

by Brynn Murphy on June 19, 2012

Hello everyone, 

My apologizes for the delay I have been training hard in preparation for London.  Here is a summary of where I left off from my last blog.  Enjoy! 

After finishing in third place in Champions League, it was time to go back to Russia and finish up the league. Before going to Baku, we won our first semi-final match against Omsk in the series of 3. Although our team was more talented than Omsk, we still struggled against them. We beat them in 4 sets at home and then secured our berth into the final round with a win on the road in 5 sets.  There were times when we were playing good volleyball and other times when I didn't even recognize my team.  It was ugly, but we got through it and were on to the finals.  By winning this game we not only advanced to the finals but we also qualified for Champions league next year. While my focus was still on winning the finals, it was a huge relief to qualify for Champions League.

After beating Omsk, we headed back to Kazan and got a good week of training in before taking on Dinamo- Moscow in the finals.  If you remember from my earlier blog we played Moscow in the finals of the Cup of Russia and lost, but I was not going to let that happen again.  We knew it was going to be a tough match- up, but we were ready to take on the challenge to bring the title and cup back to Kazan.  Since we were first in the league all season we got to host the first two games of the series of 5 at our home.  The first game at home was a breeze.  We played very well as a team and it was great to see.  I thought to myself if we can play like that Moscow has no chance.  Unfortunately, we did not have the same outcome in the second game of the series. Moscow came out strong and we couldn’t find an answer.  The series was now tied 1-1 and we had to go to Moscow and try and to win 2 games on their home court.  This was going to be a very hard task, but knew we had it in us.  

The next day we were off to Moscow to win the Championship.  We came out strong in game 3 and won 3-1.  There was no time to celebrate because we had to turn around the next day and try to do it again.  Moscow just couldn't control us and we won the 4th game in 5 sets.  It was one of the most exhausting series and final game I have ever played it.  After we won I just stood in awe… thinking, “Oh my gosh! We won!!”  I could not be happier for my team and management.  It was one of our goals for the season and I loved seeing the excitement on everyone's face after winning.  This was my 3rd championship won in Russia and I am the 1st foreigner in the Women's league to win back-to-back championships.  I thought that was a pretty cool honor, but I’m not done yet! I have signed one more year with Dinamo-Kazan and have one more big goal in mind, which is to win Champions League.  I think we will have the team to do it and great management to get us where we need to be.  


After winning the final game it was time to get on the plane back to the States.  Talk about the best feeling in the world….winning a great match and jumping on a plane back home to see your family after being away for about five months! :)  I was all smiles and my husband was along for the ride. It was such a great experience and I’m excited to be able to share it with our future children.  I did not have much time to spend at home because it was time to start training with the National team.  It is always nice to see everyone at home—even if just for a short time—but it was time to get back to work.  

I have been dreaming about this summer my entire life and I can’t believe it’s already here.  We have been training hard for the past month and half, gearing up for our first tournament of the season, the World Grand Prix.  This year we will be traveling to Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand, and the finals will be in China.  After Grand Prix they will announce the 12 that will be representing Team USA in the 2012 Olympic Games.  Seems strange that I will know within the next month or so whether or not I will be in London for the Olympics.  It gives me chills every time I think about it.  

Dream Big & Never Settle.  


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Volleyball Canada announces 2013-2014 Canadian Open Volleyball Championships line-up!

by Barbara Mitchell on June 19, 2012

Ottawa – June 18, 2012

The selection of the 2013-2014 Canadian Open Volleyball Championships host cities was not an easy task for Volleyball Canada this time around. With its championships growing every year, the number of cities and hosting groups wanting to be part of these great events also grows with every cycle. For 2013-2014 Volleyball Canada is also adding another Open, going from 4 to 5 events. For the first time in 15 years, the 15U and 16U Canadian West Open will be split into single age group Opens in order to support the continuous growth of these age categories.

Many candidatures were received for the 2013-2014 cycle and Volleyball Canada is proud to announce that it has selected the following groups and cities to host the various 2013-2014 Canadian Opens Volleyball Championships:

·  14U/15U/16U Canadian East Open – Club Envolley – Sherbrooke, QC

·  14U Canadian West Open – Volleyball BC – Abbotsford, BC

·  15U Canadian West Open – Saskatchewan Volleyball Association – Regina, SK

·  16U Canadian West Open – Alberta Volleyball Association – Calgary, AB

·  17U/18U Canadian Open – Volleyball Canada – Edmonton, AB

Please refer to the 2013-2014 calendar of event for more information at

“We are looking forward to working with all of these great groups and cities! We are confident that they will deliver the Canadian Opens at the highest possible level” stated Volleyball Canada’s National Events Coordinator, Mariève Millaire.

Additional information will be added to the Volleyball Canada’s website as it becomes available.


Volleyball Canada annonce les villes hôtes des championnats canadiens 2013 et 2014!

Ottawa , le 18 juin 2012

La sélection des villes hôtes pour les championnats canadiens 2013 et 2014 n’a pas été chose facile cette année. L’ampleur des championnats canadiens augmente à chaque année et, par conséquent, l’intérêt d’accueillir et de vouloir faire partie de tels événements augmente à travers le pays. Pour le cycle 2013-2014, Volleyball Canada accroît également le nombre de canadiens, passant de quatre à cinq événements. Pour la première fois en 15 ans, les championnats canadiens de l’Ouest 15 ans et 16 ans et moins seront séparés afin de supporter la croissance continuelle de ces catégories.

Plusieurs candidatures ont été reçues pour ce cycle. Volleyball Canada est fière d’annoncer les groupes et villes suivantes comme hôtes des divers championnats canadiens 2013 et 2014:

·  Championnats canadiens de l’Est - 14ans, 15 ans et 16 ans et moins – Club Envolley – Sherbrooke, QC

·  Championnat canadien de l’Ouest - 14 ans et moins – Volleyball BC – Abbotsford, C.-B.

·  Championnat canadien de l’Ouest - 15 ans et moins - Saskatchewan Volleyball Association – Régina, SK

·  Championnat canadien de l’Ouest - 16 ans et moins - Alberta Volleyball Association – Calgary, AB

·  Championnat canadien - 17 ans et 18 ans et moins – Volleyball Canada – Edmonton, AB

Veuillez consulter le calendrier d’événements 2013-2014 pour de plus amples informations.

« Nous sommes heureux de travailler avec tous ces groupes. Nous avons confiance en chacun d’eux et nous sommes convaincus que ceux-ci seront en mesure d’organiser d’excellents championnats canadiens! » d’indiquer la coordonnatrice des championnats canadiens de Volleyball Canada, Mariève Millaire.

De plus amples informations seront ajoutées sur le site Internet de Volleyball Canada au fur et à mesure que les détails seront confirmés.


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Matt Cain Throws a Perfect Game

by Mizuno USA on June 14, 2012

No runs.  No hits.  No walks.  No baserunners.  27 up.  27 down.  Perfection.  That's what Mizuno Brand Ambassador and San Francisco Giants Pitcher Matt Cain did on June 13th against the Houston Astros.  The Giants ace recorded the first perfect game in Giants franchise history, and just the 22nd perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball, as the Giants soundly defeated the Astros 10-0.

Cain has been a Mizuno Brand Ambassador throughout his professional career.  The two-time All Star now has a Perfect Game to go along with his World Series Championship in 2010.  Mizuno would like to congratulate Matt on this historic accomplishment.  We are proud to support you every step of the way.

Check out Matt's "Journey to the Big Leagues" on the video box above.

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Mizuno Players Reach #1 and #2 in World Rankings

by Iver Maple on June 11, 2012


Luke Donald and Stacy Lewis at the top of their games

Stacy Lewis is on a remarkable run in ladies golf which has elevated her to #2 in the Rolex World Rankings.  A runners up finish in the LPGA Championship means Lewis has finished 1st, 1st, 2nd in her last four events. 

With Luke Donald already at #1 in the men’s game, Mizuno players are now flying higher than ever before.  Donald has now held the #1 ranking for a total of 48 weeks – only 5 players have held the position longer. 

Donald and Lewis have relied on Mizuno for many years.  Throughout their college years and also now during their professional careers, both Stacy and Luke have chosen Mizuno irons to help them rise to the top of the golf world.   

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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'

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Comforts of Home & Back to Training by Alisha Glass

by Brynn Murphy on June 6, 2012

Hello Mizuno People,

It has been a crazy couple of months.  Coming back from Poland and starting training with the National team has been quite the whirlwind.  I got to go home, and if you’ve read my previous blogs, I got to have my favorite sandwich from Sisson’s Main Street Specialties.  I’ve tried to explain how wonderful it is, but maybe this will help.  While I was in Poland, I experimented with being a vegetarian, or more specifically a Pescatarian.  My reasons for the change weren’t typical.  I used to be a very picky eater and I was never particularly excited about protein sources like beef, chicken, pork.  I liked them, but mostly the reason for me eating them was to get the protein we athletes need.  Through being a vegetarian, I’ve learned to like fish more, and I’ve found many other protein sources that I can incorporate into my diet that I never thought about before, like putting black beans and nuts into a salad, or making dishes with quinoa.  So back to the sandwich, I hadn’t eaten any meat until I got back home and I thought about missing out on that sandwich, and I decided that it was too good to miss out on, so I ate it and it was WONDERFUL!!

After home, I flew out to Anaheim and got started training.  The first couple weeks are always unusual because we are all trickling in from our various countries.  We haven’t seen anyone in six months and it’s great to catch up and also show the progress we’ve made as players.  We had comfort in our time getting back into the swing of things because we had already qualified; it’s the way to go.  However, we felt a little anxiety for the men who needed to qualify, but were trickling in just like us.  Fortunately, their first chance to qualify was on our own turf.  They played the qualifier in The Pyramid and Long Beach State.  It’s so fun to have an International tournament in America.  People showed their support and the guys had some pretty good crowds, especially for the finals.  They used that to their advantage and were able to qualify.  It was so fun to watch!  It was also great to see Emily Adams Knight and Brynn Murphy from Mizuno.

Now that both National Teams have qualified, we can focus on becoming the best team that we both can be.  We have to be good on the court, but this year we’ve done some things that will help us come together off the court.  We got a visit from a couple of War Veterans and a member of our National Sitting Women’s Volleyball team.  One of the War Veterans was severely wounded and lost his sight.  Hearing all of their stories, about their pride in representing our country and selfless service, it makes you realize that in a different way, we are doing the same thing.  We have to represent our country at the Olympics and it makes it more powerful when you hear other people’s personal accounts doing the same, just on a different level.  It was an emotional day, but I think it really had a huge impact on us.

We have one major tournament left before the Olympics – The Grand Prix.  It will be an opportunity for the team to improve, and also a time for player’s to prove themselves worthy of making that 12 person roster that will go to London.  It’s a pretty stressful time.  It’s what the last three summers have been about; it’s what we’ve been working towards.  There is so much time put in and so many sacrifices made.  No matter what happens, everyone will have played their own part and made an impact somehow.  Whether it’s being a starter, or being that player that potentially doesn’t get to go to London, it makes the people around them better just by battling everyday.  It takes the entire group focused on one common goal -to be the best USA team we can be.  It’s a powerful thing.


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NORCECA by Ryan Millar

by Brynn Murphy on June 4, 2012

I have officially been a part of 4 NORCECA Olympic zone qualifiers, and I have won each of them.  4 times I have been a part of those great teams, and 4 times we have booked our tickets to the Olympic Games.  It is and always will be a great honor to represent our amazing country.  It never gets old hearing the Star Spangled Banner played before a match, or after a tournament win.  I proudly put my hand over my heart and sing along with the words.  I have been fortunate enough to have done that for quite some time now. 

This past qualification tournament was just a little sweeter, as we got to qualify in front of our home fans in Long Beach, CA.  Long Beach is just down the freeway from where we train in Anaheim.  The excitement in the gym was electric.  Thousands of fans chanting U-S-A.  Proud wives, kids, parents, and friends letting us know that they were all behind us.  I think for most of the people in that gym, besides watching us play in London on TV, their Olympic experience came to an end.  I am just grateful to USA Volleyball for giving them that chance to feel the excitement that goes along with the Olympic Games. 

London will be my 4th Olympic Games.  Each one different but special.  Going back as defending champions is something that I am very proud of.  I look forward to the challenge of getting back to the finals and seeing what we are made of.  We continue to make strides in practice.  We continue to work hard.  In the end, that is all you can do.  You are either good enough, or someone else is better.  I think we are good enough.  There will be no better time to catch fire than at the end of July through the middle of August. 

Where is your journey taking you??


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Stacy Lewis Dominates The Field at The ShopRite Classic

by Iver Maple on June 4, 2012



Stacy Lewis recorded her second season victory at the ShopRite LPGA Classic this weekend after carding rounds of 65-65-71. She took a commanding lead early in the week, entering the final round with a six-stroke lead over No. 32 Anna Nordqvist, seven-stroke lead over No. 20 Azahara Munoz and eight-strokes ahead of No. 1 Yani Tseng. She finished four strokes ahead of No. 65 Katherine Hull.

With this win, Lewis is predicted to move to third in the Rolex Women’s World Rankings, surpassing Cristie Kerr as the top American golfer on Tour. So far this season, Stacy has recorded six top-10s including a win at the Mobile Bay LGPA Classic.

Stacy’s Bag:

JPX-800 Driver

MP-650 Fairway Woods

JPX-800 PRO Irons

MP T-11 Wedges

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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'

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Relentless Donald Wins Again at Wentworth, Regains World #1

by Iver Maple on May 29, 2012

There was a certainty about Luke Donald’s win at Wentworth’s West course to reclaim his BMW PGA Championship and world #1 ranking.

Into the back nine and Donald’s relentless iron play, razor sharp wedges and laser like putting had extinguished any remaining doubts. The galleries knew they were watching an exhibition by a player in complete control of his game.

The normal tensions of Wentworth’s 18th were replaced by the warmth and appreciation of a crowd witnessing something out of the ordinary. While the other players over reached in attempt to catch Donald, Luke played his own game (four rounds in the 60's) – which when added up to a 15 under total, was comfortably good enough.

Donald’s irons and wedges were mesmerizing. From positions other players make bogey, Donald consistently makes par. When par looks probable, the result is often birdie. Bunkers look as welcoming a landing place as the green when you play from the sand like Donald does.

For those in the gallery that play the game, this was an exhibition in how to manage your scorecard and emotions. After years of watching 350 yard drives and a game unattainable to most – watching Donald gives every golfer hope. A masterclass in playing one shot at a time and thinking your way around the course.

Having mastered the art of winning golf tournaments (six in the last 2 seasons), and establishing himself as the world #1 – Donald now moves onto greater ambitions.

“What a place to do it,” Donald said. “To come and defend and get back to No1 is very sweet indeed. Obviously, my next step is to win majors. I feel I am getting closer. These victories are key to taking confidence you need into the big four.”

Luke Donald plays Mizuno MP-59 irons and MP T-11 wedges.

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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'

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Norcecas by Brian Thornton

by Brynn Murphy on May 29, 2012

The Norceca olympic qualifier at the Pyramid in Long Beach was the best thing to happen to USA volleyball in awhile. Mind you I have not been around that long but I have never seen or heard of anything like the environment I had the privilege of experiencing last weekend. Particularly Saturday night against Canada. The day before the match I had told one of my friends that I thought it was going to be electric in there for the finals. I was wrong. it was far better than that. It is not often past college that you get to have the pleasure of playing at home. It's an entirely different thing when you are playing in front of a sold out, rowdy, American crowd at home with an Olympic berth on the line. Honestly, It was magical. And I rarely use that word. Partly because it's a bit cliche and emasculating…..only to be used in such desperate times as a proposal beneath the eiffel tower or when Criss Angel decides to levitate across the sky. The latter of those instances, however, a clear and severe misuse of the word. That's just miraculously genuine. We arrived on the bus to around 200-300 fans waiting for us. They were decked out in red, white and blue and carrying various signs. It looked like Monday Night Raw had fallen on the fourth of July. Somebody was carrying a huge cut out of Reid Priddy's head around solidifying his lifelong dream of becoming a life-size character in the video game NBA Jam. It was just truly a scene you don't see with volleyball in the United States often and it was "magical" to be a part of. The welcoming got everybody fired up for the match. It was impossible not to. The energy carried on throughout the warm up, gave me goosebumps during the National Anthem and stayed with me far past the 3-0 victory against Canada qualifying us for the 2012 Olympics. One of the most cliche and overused statements by athletes is "we couldn't have done it without our fans" but we really couldn't have done it without the fans and the energy that was created in the Pyramid that night. Thanks to everybody that made that happen….because everyone present that night had a piece in the qualification. Hopefully we can carry it to London.


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Canadian Men's Slo-Pitch Border Battle Team wins pair of Exhibition Games

by Barbara Mitchell on May 29, 2012

(Dorchester, ON) The Canadian Men's Slo-Pitch Border Battle Team won a pair of nine-inning exhibition games during Slo-Pitch Ontario's Miken Super Series this past weekend at Slo-Pitch City in Dorchester, ON. On Friday, the Canadian team defeated a local All-Star team from London by a score of 22-14, and then beat a Super Series All-Star Team by a score of 41-25 on Saturday. The team will travel to Oklahoma City, OK at the end of June to play in the fourth edition of the Men's Slo-Pitch Border Battle against Team USA (June 30 at 2:00pm CDT).

In the first game, London held Team Canada hitless through two innings and scored three runs in the bottom of the second to take the early lead. Canada chipped away with two runs in the third as James Kelly (Amherstburg, ON) drove in a run with a double and scored on a base hit by Ryan Wood (Winnipeg, MB). After London added four more runs to take a 7-2 lead, the red and white came back to tie the game with five runs in the top of the fourth. Todd Cadenhead (Vaughan, ON) started things with a solo homerun, and after Franck Henry (St-Hyacinthe, QC) singled, Tim Bentley (Chatham, ON) and Jeff Zanolli (Taber, AB) hit back-to-back homeruns to cut the lead to one. Olivier Forrest (St-Leonard-d'Aston, QC) followed with a single and came around to score on a double by Kelly.

London scored three runs to regain the lead in the bottom of the fourth, but Canada got those runs right back in the next inning on a sacrifice fly by Jason Gallichen (Langley, BC) and a two-run homerun by Cadenhead. London added single runs in the fifth and sixth to take a 12-10 lead, but Canada answered with seven runs in the top of the seventh as they batted around the order. Kelly started the inning with a solo homerun, and after Canada loaded the bases with two outs, Alain Blais (Maple, ON) cleared them with a grand slam. Henry then blasted a solo homerun, followed by three consecutive singles to score one run as Canada took a 17-12 lead. London was able to get two runs back in the bottom of the inning, but Team Canada responded immediately with five runs to put the game out of reach, highlighted by a two-run double by Brad Rankin (Orillia, ON), RBI doubles by Jeff Falardeau (Welland, ON) and Henry, and a one-run single by Claude Chiasson (Ste-Julie, QC). In the bottom o f the ninth, London quickly loaded the bases with two singles and a walk, but Canada turned a triple play to end the game, winning by a score of 24-14.

On Saturday night, Canada wasted no time in opening the scoring with eight runs in the top of the first. After the three first hitters reached to load the bases, Todd Cadenhead laced a two-run single. Jeff Gare (London, ON) then drove in another run with a single before Chiasson hit a three-run blast followed by a solo shot by Zanolli. The eighth run scored on an error. The All-Stars chipped away at the lead with two runs in the bottom of the inning, but the Canadian team got those two runs back on back-to-back solo homeruns by Cadenhead and Gallichen. The Super Series All-Stars scored two runs in the bottom of the second, but Canada added six more runs in the top of the third to take a 16-4 lead. Chris Parr led off the inning with a solo homerun, and Falardeau later added an RBI single. Cadenhead then launched a three-run homerun, and Gallichen followed with yet another homerun. The Super Series All-Stars scored three runs in the bottom of the fourth but Canada came back to score three of their own on a solo homerun by Chiasson and a two-run triple by Parr. Canada added another three runs in the top of the sixth, as Rankin drove in two with a triple and scored on a double by Gare. The Super Series All-Stars would not lie down, scoring another four runs in the bottom of the inning to reduce the deficit to 22-13. The All-Stars shut down Canada's offence in the seventh, but Canada responded with eight runs in the top of the eighth. After back-to-back singles, Henry hit an RBI single and Cadenhead hit yet another three-run homerun, his third homerun of the game. The All-Stars got two quick outs, but then the red and white put together a string of five singles followed by a two-run double by Boldt to take a 31-14 lead.

In the bottom half of the eighth, the All-Stars showed no signs of going away, scoring 11 runs to reduce the lead to 31-25. However, Canada put the game out of reach by scoring ten of their own in the ninth. Gallichen hit a two-run single and Parr later drove in another with a single, followed by a two-run single by Wood, a two-run double by Boldt, an RBI single by Falardeau and capped off with a two-run homerun by Henry. The Super Series All-Stars were retired on three fly outs to end the game.

Todd Cadenhead led the Canadian offence with five homeruns and 12 runs batted in through two games, while James Kelly collected five hits and six RBIs. Jason Gallichen, Claude Chiasson, Franck Henry and Chris Parr all drove in five.


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Volleyball Canada Announces it's Women's A and B Teams

by Barbara Mitchell on May 29, 2012

WINNIPEG (May 28, 2012) Volleyball Canada announced today the 34 athletes who were selected to its Women’s National A and B Teams following a 49-player camp which was held at the Investors Group Athletic Centre at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, from May 21 to 25.


The 34 athletes will train together for a one month period. In late June the A team will officially be selected and the B team will return to their hometowns. The A squad will then continue training and compete in some exhibition matches against Team Argentina in Winnipeg from July 7-10. Both Team Canada and Team Argentina will be preparing for the Pan Am Cup in Mexico, a qualification event for the 2013 World Grand Prix, which they will both be leaving for on July 11.


Returning veterans include Brittney Page of Vernon, BC, Marisa Field of Kelowna BC, Claire Hanna of Calgary, AB, Nadine Alphonse of Laval QC, Marie-Pier Murray-Methot of Quebec City, QC, Janie Guimond of Becancour, QC and currently injured Tiffany Dodds of Lucky Lake, SK. Also returning are new setters who recently competed in their very first international competition last month in the Continental Olympic Qualifying Event in Tijuana Mexico, Jaclyn Ellis of Mississauga, ON and Kelci French of Okotoks, AB.


A couple of great Canadian family volleyball traditions are also being continued on the team with Rebecca Pavan, sister of Sarah Pavan being chosen for the squad, and Taylor Pischke, the daughter of Garth Pischke the legendary head coach of the University of Manitoba Bisons. Taylor's brother Dane was also chosen for the men's national B team earlier this month. Thirdly, Alicia Perrin was selected, brother of men's A team squad member Gord Perrin, both of Creston, BC.


Six athletes who competed at the 2011 FISU Games in Shenzhen China last summer were also chosen: Shanice Marcelle of Victoria, BC, Alicia Perrin of Creston BC, Lisa Barclay of Brandon MB, Kristi Hunter of Dauphin MB, Jaimie Thibeault of Sylvan Lake, AB and Tricia Mayba from Winnipeg, MB who also competed at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Tesca Andrew-Wasylik of Unionville, ON and Michaela Reesor of Caledon, ON who were alternates for the 2011 FISU Games were also selected. Marie-Sophie Nadeau who also competed in China was unable to make the Selection Camp due to injury, but will be flying to Winnipeg later this week to join the squad as well.


The 34 players selected to Canada’s National A & B women’s volleyball team (club and hometown):



Claire Hanna, Full-Time Training Centre (Winnipeg), Calgary AB

Jaimie Thibeault, Full-Time Training Centre (Winnipeg), Sylvan Lake, AB

Kelci French, Trinity Western University, Okotoks, AB

Lauren Moncks, Trinity Western University, Standard, AB

Colleen Ogilvie, Full-Time Training Centre (Winnipeg), Calgary, AB

Dani Smith, Vancouver Island University, Beaverlodge, AB

Lia Stang, University of Alberta, Provost, AB

Jenice Warkentin, University of Alberta, Sexsmith, AB


British Columbia

Marisa Field, Envacom Volleys Sinsheim, (Germany), Kelowna, BC

Brittney Page, Sollentuna VK, (Sweden), Vernon, BC

Shanice Marcelle, University of British Columbia, Victoria, BC


Alicia Perrin, Trinity Western University, Creston, BC

Malena Rapaport, University of Toronto, Vancouver, BC

Brooke Halvorsen, University of Calgary, Vancouver, BC

Royale Richardson, Trinity Western University, Rocky Mountain House, BC




Tricia Mayba, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Lisa Barclay, University of British Columbia, Brandon, MB

Kristi Hunter, University of Manitoba, Roblin, MB

Taylor Pischke, Full-Time Training Centre (Winnipeg), Winnipeg, MB

Megan Cyr, North Carolina State University, St. Andrews, MB



Jaclyn Ellis, Univeristy of Alberta, Mississauga, ON

Michaela Reesor, Samford University, Caledon, ON


Tesca Andrew-Wasylik, University of Winnipeg, Unionville, ON

Vanessa Chorkawy, Full-Time Training Centre (Winnipeg), Lively, ON

Jennifer Cross, University of Michigan, Scarborough, ON

Rebecca Pavan, University of Kentucky Kitchener, ON

Kelly Nyhof, Humber College, Georgetown, ON

Rachel Roorda, Brock University, St. George, ON

Vicky Savard, Universite de Montreal, Ottawa, ON




Nadine Alphonse, FKB Volley Duedingen (Switzerland), Laval, QC

Marie-Pier Murray-Methot, Val-de-Travers (Switzerland), Quebec City, QC

Janie Guimond, Sport Club Municpal Craiova (Romania), Becancour, QC

Marie-Sophie Nadeau, Universite de Montreal, Montreal, QC



Tiffany Dodds, Full-Time Training Centre (Winnipeg), Lucky Lake, SK

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Toronto Gets Ready to Host World League

by Barbara Mitchell on May 4, 2012

Toronto braces for volleyball invasion in May


TORONTO – Canadian national men’s volleyball team members Dan Lewis of Oakville, Ont., and Louis-Pierre Mainville of Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, Que., are relishing a unique opportunity to connect with the best young athletes in their sport.


The pair were at a news conference Tuesday for the official launch of the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World League and the 2012 Canadian Open Championships both set for the week of May 17-22 in Toronto at the Ricoh Centre and Direct Energy Centre.  ‘’It will be very exciting to play in front of all the kids,’’ said Lewis, just back from completing his pro season in Europe. ‘’It will be an unbelievable connection between the elite and the young athletes. It will be a great experience that we are all looking forward to it.’’


Canada is making a return to the World League for the first time since 2007 after a sensational 2011 campaign in which they beat Slovakia and Puerto Rico to qualify. The World League offers the biggest cash prizes in the sport.


The World League matches are May 18-19-20 at the Ricoh Centre. Canada, ranked 18th in the world, faces its pool opponents Finland on May 18, world number-one Brazil on May 19 and world number-four Poland on May 20.


‘’To play in the World League means a lot to us,’’ said Mainville. ‘’It’s the most prestigious event in the world. We will be facing good teams, and it will be a great way to prepare for the Olympics.’’


At the same time, the Canadian Open championships is expected to attract about 10,000 players, coaches and officials from across Canada with national titles in various age groups on the line for men and women. It is the largest volleyball event in Canadian history.


“Toronto will be left with a great legacy of volleyball,’’ said Derek Kent of the Canadian Olympic Committee. ‘’We look forward to seeing all that can be done here in Toronto. The power of sport can transform our country. This is a must attend event when it comes here.”


For more information on both events and ticket info visit:

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Canada Heads to the Semifinals in Women's Volleyball Olympic Qualifier

by Barbara Mitchell on May 3, 2012

Decisive win puts Canada in semis at women’s volleyball Olympic qualifier

TIJUANA, Mexico (May 2, 2012) – Sarah Pavan of Kitchener, Ont., scored 21 points to lead Canada to a decisive 25-17, 25-18, 25-18 quarterfinal win over Mexico Wednesday night at the Olympic qualifying tournament in women’s volleyball.

With the victory, Canada advances to semi finals against the Dominican Republic on Friday. Thursday is a rest day for all teams. The Dominicans, the highest ranked team here at number 9 in the world, defeated Canada in four sets on Monday in round robin play. Canada is ranked 22nd internationally.

‘’We played a disciplined game,’’ said Canada’s head coach Arnd Ludwig. ‘’Our defensive tactics gave Mexico a lot of problems. It was a total team effort.’’

Apart from very early in the first set, Canada only trailed once in the entire match against Mexico. That was in the third set when the Mexicans went on a five point run to take a 10-9 lead. The Canadians responded with a seven-point run of their own with Jaclyn Ellis of Mississauga, Ont., serving that put the set and the match out of reach for Mexico, ranked 27th in the world.

In the first set, Liz Cordonier of Vancouver, a CIS athlete of the year, put Mexico far back with a six point service run of her own. In the second, Mexico closed the gap to 17-15 at one point but they were kept off balance by the Canadian strategies.

‘’We played steady,’’ said Pavan. ‘’We improved our blocking defense and serving. We felt we had been serving to easy in the prior matches. We put pressure on them the whole game and never really allowed them to get back into it.’’

The other semifinal pits world number-10 Cuba against Puerto Rico. Cuba had a bye to the semi while Puerto Rico hammered Costa Rica in Wednesday’s other quarter final 25-12, 25-12, 25-9.



May 4: Semi-finals: Canada vs Dominican Republic ; Cuba vs Puerto Rico

May 5: Final









Left Sides:

Tammy Mahon: Holland, MB

Tonya Mokelki: Weyburn, SK

Liz Cordonier: Vancouver, BC

Kyla Richey: Vancouver BC


Middle Blockers:

Jennifer Hinze: Vancouver, BC

Marisa Field: Vancouver, BC

Tasha Holness: Calgary, AB


Right Sides:

Sarah Pavan: Kitchener, ON

Brittney Page: Vernon, BC



Jaclyn Ellis: Mississauga, ON

Kelci French : Okotoks, AB



Julie Young: Red Deer, AB 

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Stacy Lewis Wins The Mobile Bay LPGA Classic

by Iver Maple on May 2, 2012

Mizuno Ambassador Stacy Lewis fired four rounds in the 60’s to take home a stroke victory in the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic. It was the first time this LPGA season that a tournament winner has shot four rounds below 70.

Stacy had to hold off a world class field as she took a two-stroke lead into the final round. Through a gutty performance, she was able to withstand all challengers, including an impressive run from LPGA rookie Lexi Thompson. Stacy was solid in every facet of her game, which allowed her to score her second LPGA title in her young career. 

Here’s a look at what’s in Stacy’s bag:


Mizuno JPX-800  (9.0 deg.)

Fairway Wood

Mizuno MP-650  (15.0 deg.)


Mizuno MP-650  (17.0 deg.)


Mizuno JPX-800 Pro  (4-pw)


MP T-11  (52, 56, & 60 deg.)

White Satin finish

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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'

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A Month of Firsts by Jordan Larson

by Brynn Murphy on April 30, 2012

Hello everyone!

I have had a lot of first's this past month. My first trip to Baku Azerbaijan, my first ever hockey game, and my first time competing in the Final Four of Champions League. Here is a quick recap on my exciting month.

After I had last updated I had just returned back to Kazan from London. Boy what a great trip that was. Our next Champions league match was going to be held in Baku Azerbaijan. I had never been there and did not know what to expect. Many other American players play in this league and I had heard nothing but good things about this city. When we arrived in Baku I was honestly surprised. It is located right on the Caspian Sea. In my head I had visioned it would be a lot like Russia but I was blown away with how beautiful it was. The day before our game we had the morning off and were able to take a nice walk down by the sea. The weather was nice and it was very relaxing to be walking by the water.

We played against Azerail Baku the next day. This team includes some of my USA team including Heather Bown and Jennifer Tamas. It is always a nice refresher to see other Americans as it reminds you so much of home. We had to win this match to advance to the Final Four. Making it to the Final four of Champions League is a pretty big deal. I would almost compare it to the final four of the NCAA. We ended up losing the match in 3 but because we had beat them the previous week in Kazan it was forced to go to a golden set. I was quite nervous going into this last set as it was only a game to 15 and we weren't playing the best as a team in the previous sets. Baku definitely had the momentum going into the golden set. We regrouped as a team and pulled it together. We knew we weren't going to be able to do this all as individuals so we just took one point at a time and we pulled it off. It was such an exciting to end the match and everyone was more than thrilled to be going to the Final four. The final four was not for another 3 weeks so it was back to Kazan to finish up the Russian league.

After we returned to Kazan the club treated us with tickets to the hockey game. The team in Kazan is one of the best in the league. I was very excited to go as this was going to be my first hockey game. I was super impressed with how well they could skate and how good of vision the goalie's have to have. I have seen hockey on tv but nothing compares to it live. Apparently there is a difference between the NHL and the Russian league in that the Russians play on Olympic size ice. I guess in the states people want more action so that’s why they play on smaller ice. (news to me!) I was very engaged the whole game and Kazan pulled out the win with the first goal in overtime. It was a great experience and I look forward to going to another game in the future.

A week or so later we had a nice visitor come back to Kazan. It was THE Lloy Ball. For those of you who do not know him, he is a four time Olympian and a gold medalist setter. He had played in Kazan the past 4 years and was in Kazan for my first two years here. Luke and I became really good friends with him and his family. He now plays in Ufa, a city very close to Kazan. One evening we were sitting on the computer Facebook chatting with Lloy, and he got a wild hair and said I have two days off and I'm coming to Kazan. He was in town for a total of 24 hours and we made the most of it. We went to dinner at a local Cuban Restaurant (one of my favs!). After that we went to a new restaurant here in Kazan and then topped the night off with a little dancing at a new club. It was great catching up with Lloy and spending time with him. Since I have been in Kazan Lloy has made an impact on the player I am today. He has so much experience in the game of volleyball. I am so grateful for him and the time he has spent answering all of my questions. A great athlete and person. Thanks Lloy!

After Lloy came to visit it was time to get ready for the Final four of Champions League. I had been anticipating this for weeks as this is one of the top tournaments to play in. We had a tough draw which was against my teammate Logan Tom's team, Fenderbache. They have a lot of talented players and we were for sure the under dogs. That wasn't going to stop me and my team from trying our best. We came out strong in game one and won the first set. We tried to keep the momentum going but they were to strong for us and we made some unforced errors. We lost in 4 but I was very pleased with our performance as a team. I felt like we left it all out there which is an important lesson I have learned over the years. We had no time to rest as we were playing against another teammate and former teammate of mine the next day, Lindsey Berg and Sarah Schlutz formerly known as Sarah Paven. We played a solid match and we came out victorious. All in all it was a good weekend for us. Of course we wanted to win it all but this just wasn't in the cards for us. I look forward to competing in Champions League next season and get another shot at the title.

Dream Big & Never Settle


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Back at it... by Ryan Millar

by Brynn Murphy on April 5, 2012

One of the best days of the year is always the day that you are heading to the airport to go home after a long season overseas. This season was no different. Playing in Russia was good for a number of reasons, but nothing beats being at home with your family and loved ones. Luckily the way my contract was set up, I got to leave Russia earlier than everyone else and I was able to get back to with Team USA much earlier than usual.
I am really looking forward to hosting the Olympic Qualifier event at the pyramid at Long Beach State on the 7th through the 12th of May (shameless but necessary plug). It will be the beginning test for our team as we continue on our journey to repeat as Olympic Champions in London. I have been back training with the team for about 3 weeks now and it is going about as well as it can not having most of our guys back yet. I believe the official start date is the 11th of April. It will be great to have everyone back so we can try to work out the kinks as quickly as possible. Right now in the gym we have a lot of new faces, mixed in with a few old ones. Some of the veterans in the gym right now are myself, Clay Stanley (coming back from knee surgery), Riley Salmon, Rich Lambourne, and Gabe Gardner.
I am excited about our teams chances. I am confident that everyone will come back focused and ready to perform. I read a tweet that that Olympics are only 115 days away. That is crazy to me. It seems like just yesterday that we were in Beijing. It’s a different quad, with a different coaching staff, and quite a few different players, but I hope that the end result will be the same. Even if it is not, remember that the journey is the prize. The sacrifice, the hard work, the practices, the dedication to excellence, the wins, and losses along the way are what makes all of this fun. Never take the journey for granted because without the journey, there can be no destination...

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Playoffs in Poland by Alisha Glass

by Brynn Murphy on April 2, 2012

It's playoff time here in Poland!! We just finished the semifinals against a team called Dabrowa.  The series was best 3 out of 5.  We tied the series 2-2 and played the fifth match at home.  It was a crazy match.  We came out really strong in the first set and killed them, they came back and won the next two sets.  They were close but they came out on top.  The tide had turned, a lot!! We had to keep the hopes of getting to the finals, so although we were down in the fourth, we battled back and made it go to the fifth set.  We were optimistic until it was 4-8 at the side change.  Then we knew we were in for a fight.  We battled back but it seemed to late because we were still down 10-13 - but then we found some serious inner strength and came back to win 15-13.  It was crazy!! We were in shock a little bit, extremely tired, but so very excited!! 

Our 15-13 win in the seminfinals!

We're moving on to the finals now against, Muszyna, the #1 team.  We are #2 so it should be another battle.  We lost to them the last time we played them, but we think that we've done some serious growing as a team so we're hopeful that things will go differently this time around.

I'm also very excited because my mom is coming to see the finals! She'll get to see where I've been living and what I've been up to these last couple months.  I'm very excited to show her our city and for her to get to see our team play!! I can't wait for that.  First things first though, we have two matches away on Monday and Tuesday, then a week in-between, then we come back home to play another two, depending on how the series starts off. 

This is what overseas volleyball is all about.  Playing in competitive leagues where you learn a lot about yourself and your interactions with teammates.  I think this team has grown and so have I.  There's still so much left to learn, but I'm really enjoying doing it!!


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Home may be where the Heart is…but my heart is in Southern California by Brian Thornton

by Brynn Murphy on March 29, 2012

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances I returned home early from my team in Poland. I had a good time while I was out there and I was able to make a few friends that I know will be friends for life. A few of them I look forward to beating on the court this summer. I read somewhere recently that people often times don't recognize opportunity because it doesn't always manifest itself as exactly that. Although I returned home for reasons that were gloomy at best, I'm now choosing to view my early arrival as opportunity. Opportunity to make strides both on and off the court. Being home early gives me the opportunity to get the coaching I need in order to improve my game and the opportunity to get better in the weight room as well.
Often times with so many matches played with little rest over a long period time the weight room becomes more of an injury prevention center than anything else. Our weight coach Tim Pelot has done a great job punishing me over the last month or so. The constant play of Alien Communicational Noise over the Bose sound system in there also deserves it's kudos. I believe the kids these days are calling it Dub Step. I'm so with the times…..It seems to me that being an avid Dub Step listener is about as desirable to women as being an avid world of warcraft player…but I guess everything has its place. Dubstep = weight room. World of Warcraft = millions of parent's guest bedrooms currently occupied by twenty-somethings filling out job applications on between group raids. I guess you shouldn't knock it 'till you try it….oh well. Knock Knock. And No…a "knock knock" joke is not coming next in text. Partly because it wouldn't work and partly because I couldn't think of one in the maximum amount of time anyone should possibly take up trying to think up a "knock, knock" joke. 3 minutes. The Knicks game is on….Jeremy Lin isn't starting anymore. That's Linsanity. Watching this is a little overBaron' now. Speaking of Linsanity….Tebow and Tebowmania to the Jets…the only thing that trade was good for is me getting to replace the word "Benny" with "Tebow" when Elton John's timeless classic comes on Jack FM. They play what they want. All joking aside, I really admire when guys do the most that they can when an opportunity finally presents itself. Such as Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin did.
Coming home early also provided me the unique opportunity to spend some time with my family and do things with them that I otherwise would have never been able to do or see. Let's stop for a second and appreciate the tie in from my random and senseless banter to the overall thematic presence of this blog. And we're back….Coming home early, Opportunity, Family. Nothing is more important than family. Yesterday I was able to go to my sisters senior water polo banquet and attend all of her games through her CIF run at San Clemente high school. They won CIF last year and I have always regretted not being able to see that. They fell short this year…but having the opportunity to watch her play was something that I may never get to see again because of my professional volleyball lifestyle overseas and I'm truly thankful I got to watch her this year. I've been able to spend a lot more time with my Mom and Dad…stepdad, stepmom and brother. My little brother has started a band. He has an amazing voice. It sounds like seven angels all singing at once. He's very disease-free, single and has long-flowing blonde, rockstar hair. I can't wait to see them perform their first show in the next couple of weeks. My early return home started out disconsolate and ended up as a unique and invaluable opportunity. It's good to be home.

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My Transitions Championship

by Luke Donald on March 22, 2012

My Transitions Championship win was very gratifying. I had no doubt that I would get back on track. Hard work always pays off.

I’d got off to a slow one this year but you just keep on the path of what you need to do to keep on improving and trust what you are doing. It was always going to be tough to start as quickly as I did last year but it’s now nice to get back into the winner’s circle. The rewards are great – back to world number one and great preparation for a couple of weeks’ time and the Masters.

The first time I got to world number one it was a big deal. There was a lot of shifting and changing in the rankings and suddenly I had an opportunity to do it. I was a lot more nervous trying to do that than I’ve been in trying to get it back. For a good while it was like a carrot dangling in front of my nose and I couldn’t quite grab it at first. This time, because I’d been at number one for 40 weeks, I’d experienced it all, so it wasn’t my sole focus for sure. I was more intent on winning. World number one was just an end result.

It was my fifth PGA Tour win and 16th top 10 in the last 22 tournaments. Consistency is the key to being number one. I don’t think anyone would argue with me that in the last two years I’ve been the most consistent player on the planet. You put yourself into contention every week and the results come. My short-game, my iron play and driving, are all starting to come around again.

I really enjoyed that seven-iron shot from the rough on the first playoff hole which set up the putt of just over six feet to win. I got just about perfect control. I was probably in the worst position (of the four) after the drive and then I was in the best position after the second shot. You always need a little bit of luck out of the rough; sometimes it comes out hot and sometimes dead, but that came out perfectly. The equipment definitely helped me out.

The 18th was the toughest green on the course – they don’t come much tougher.  But I work very hard on my putting and I felt very confident standing over the ball. I left  it in a great position so it was a reasonably simple putt for that green. But it’s nice to be able to hole them when they really matter.  That’s another thing that will give me more confidence going into Augusta.

Another good thing that came out of the playoff win was the way I handled the nerves and the pressure. I aimed to be as relaxed as possible. It’s important to have a little bit of a laugh and John, my caddie, and I did that before we went out. I’ve seen myself on replays in the past and I look a bit too serious. I had a good feeling, even before the week started, and that showed in my body language. John made me laugh because he told me he had a flight at 8.45 that night – he said: ‘If you could birdie the first hole I might be able to catch my flight’. I was glad to oblige.

So now the plan is to stay number one. Losing it for a couple of weeks, well the only person I can blame is myself – for not playing as well as I should at the beginning of the year. Rory played great and that’s the way the rankings work. If you have a little bit of a lapse you’re going to lose some points. The game’s in a great mix at the moment, you’ve got Rory, Tiger coming back into world reckoning, Phil Mickelson having a great run. Now I’m the one getting attention again and I like that.  It’s great to have someone like Rory pushing you and making you find that next level.

Augusta is the immediate goal now. I’ll be keeping up my practice on the full swing, working on getting my takeaway a little bit more solid. I tend to get my legs moving a little too quickly. I want to really get the head of the club moving first. That allows me to get my right shoulder at the top of the backswing to really get down in a strong position, where I have a little bit of cup in my left wrist. And I’m working on the transition again. Perhaps it was ordained I should win the Transition Championship! I’m working on letting my body start the downswing a little bit sooner so I’m able to deliver the club in a more neutral position, with the hands coming back to where they were at address. I’ll obviously be putting in a lot of work on and around the greens. The short-game and putting speed work will be important before Augusta.

Rory and I are planning to practice together. There’s a chance we might go up to Augusta together in the middle of next week. We have different games and we go about it differently. He’s already figured it out how to win majors. I certainly know my game better than I did a few years ago and I’m ever hopeful I can figure it too now. They’ve done a little work on the eighth and 16th greens but I’m sure that will be hard to spot. Apparently they’ve created a few more pin positions. I’ll have my coach Pat with me and then we’ll do a bit of work back in Florida afterwards.

For this break, too, I’m looking forward to being with the family. Little Sophia is wonderful. We’ve been very fortunate with both our girls. They both sleep all through, so no sleepless nights. I’m sure that’s part of my success. They’re a joy to be around.

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Author Luke Donald

An English native, Luke Donald is one of the world's top golfers. In addition to his top-10 world ranking, Luke has numerous wins on the PGA and European Tours, and played a key role as a member of the victorious European Ryder Cup teams in 2004, 2006, and 2010.

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Donald Rides His New MP-59 Irons On His Way Back to World #1

by Iver Maple on March 19, 2012

Luke Donald reminded the golfing world that he would be a big factor in the 2012 season with a playoff win at the Transitions Championship. 

Luke Donald at the Transitions Championship

A flushed Mizuno MP-59 seven iron into 6 feet on the playoff hole also dispelled speculation that an off season equipment change could be detrimental to his game.  The win moved Donald back to No. 1 in the world, a position he held for 40 weeks before briefly letting Rory McIlroy borrow his throne.

"Absolutely," Donald continued when asked if he felt as if he'd been written off after McIlroy's ascension to the top. "I don't pay too much attention to it, but I certainly wasn't in the media at all.  I think people thought that my last year was maybe a little bit more of a, not a fluke, but I don't think many people thought I could do that all over again this year. Hopefully I can prove them wrong."

In a final round that saw as many as six players share the lead late in the day, Donald did just that in his latest effort to convert the non-believers.

After a final-round 66 to erase a three-shot deficit, Donald landed in a four-man playoff with Jim Furyk, Robert Garrigus and Sang-Moon Bae.  There has never been a better example of our "The Iron Truth" campaign than what transpired next.  When they all teed off on the par-4 18th hole, it was Donald who was the shortest and widest off the tee, leaving himself 159 yards that played more like 170 uphill and out of the rough.  Despite playing first, Luke relied on what counts, his iron game, to seize the moment.  Donald flushed his MP-59 seven iron and the ball narrowly cleared the bunker, landed softly and settled 6 feet from the hole – setting up the winning birdie putt.

"That seven iron came out perfectly." Donald said.  “To get a win so quickly with the new irons, shows that we made a sound decision to change.  The whole point was to find an iron with the same control and shape as my old MP-62’s, but with a touch more forgiveness.  That’s why we switched to the MP-59’s.  That last shot was good early payback.”

To find out more about "The Mizuno Iron Truth" visit



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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'

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Women's National Team Athlete Blog: Liz Cordonier

by Adam Vella on March 15, 2012

Jan 30th 2012

Ahh back in Europe once again, where I unwillingly receive my dose of Top 40 music that will last me through the rest of the year. This time I’m in a small town in Finland where I live in my parka and Ugg boots when I’m not on the volleyball court. Believe or not, it’s still warmer than Winnipeg.

When our Olympic qualifier was rescheduled until the end of April, most of us were left scrambling to find a team to train and play with for the winter months. It’s never ideal joining up with a squad halfway through their season. Often, any team looking to hire a player at that point in the year is struggling with injuries or trying to stay afloat in their league. I was fortunate to join up with LP Viesti, a team that hasn’t lost in the Finnish league in the past 105 matches. As the strongest club team in their country they participate in the CEV Challenge Cup, meaning they play a series of matches against top ranked teams from other leagues around Europe. As a result they were looking for another leftside to help them out in their upcoming matches against Smart Allianz Stuttgart. I arrived on a Thursday, had my first practice on Friday and was thrown into my first match the following Wednesday. We played a gritty match at home and came out with the win in five sets. It was so much fun to play a high intensity game against a great team and I felt at home with the girls from LP Viesti right away. We ended up losing the series against Stuttgart but since have continued on with regular league play and just this past weekend came out on top at the Baltic Cup tournament.

This weekend was also my initiation which was a throwback to my rookie year as a UBC Thunderbird. I was forced to recite an oath (in Suomi) on my knees in the shower room while knocking back a glass of vile tasting Salmiaki (salty liquorice liqueur). It wasn’t until after when the pledge was translated that I discovered I had agreed to a karaoke competition with my club manager (among other things). And finally, a raw egg was cracked over my head (not gently either), to complete the ceremony. Needless to say this team has its character and its own traditions. And so far it’s been a lot of fun…

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Author Adam Vella

Adam played 4 seasons at Brock University winning an OUA title in 2003.  He was twice named as an OUA All Star at 2B and RF.  Adam was named OUA League MVP in 2004.  He then went on to play 5 seasons with the Intercounty Brantford Red Sox winning 3 championships in 5 years.  Adam was named to the 2007 All Star team at 2B.  He played 3 seasons with the Team Ontario Provincial Team.

Adam has spent the last 3+ years with Mizuno Canada Ltd. working numerous events and can be seen at many ball diamonds across the country promoting Mizuno and the game of baseball.  He has a passion for the game of baseball and wants to grow the game in Canada from the grass roots level!

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Women's National Team Athlete Blog: Marisa Field

by Adam Vella on March 15, 2012

Marisa Field is currently playing her third season of professional volleyball in Sinsheim, Germany. This will help her prepare for the Olympic Qualifier which is taking placing April 27-May 6 in Tijuana, Mexico. This blog was written right before Christmas.


January 4, 2012

Hey Canada!


So it’s been almost exactly a year since my last blog, and I’m back reporting from the same place as last time! Well, technically I’m in a hotel in Berlin right now gearing up for a 5 day extended trip up north to play 2 games in 3 days, first in Berlin and then in Hamburg. I came back to rejoin my professional team in Sinsheim, Germany again this season right after finishing up at the NORCECA Championships in Puerto Rico with Team Canada in September.


But before that I spent my fifth summer training in Winnipeg with Team Canada – eating, sleeping, and living volleyball… and of course enjoying some good times with the girls and even attending a teammate’s wedding, as well as traveling and competing against some of the top teams in the world. Unfortunately, I started the TC season this summer coming off some ankle injuries I sustained in January playing in Sinsheim and was unable to train at a hundred percent and missed the friendly competition against Argentina in June and our first official tournament – Pan Am Cup in Mexico. So my first games wearing the red and white this summer were during our exhibition tourney against the Netherlands for our Ontario tour in August. It felt great to finally put the jersey back on after 3 months of training/only being able to cheer from the bench in the team tracksuit. After our prep with Team Holland we enjoyed a week break and then it was back to training for the NORCECA Championships. At the end of that trip I had to say goodbye to my teammates and get ready to head across the pond for my first solo stint playing pro….


So I thought I was being “brave” this season by venturing out to Europe without a Canadian partner in crime for the first time... that is, right back to the same team as last year… in a town that you can pretty much get around in by walking everywhere… and where I have a German “family” that takes care of me, and that I am pretty much set up nicely in… but anyways…… Turns out that after 2 months of being here alone I was destined to continue my trend of playing in Europe with a Canadian teammate! Sweet deal for me, enter Tammy Mahon.


Well after two slightly rough months for the team – due to literally half the team being out with either injuries or illness, myself included (again with the ankles) – some new life was added to the team; first with the arrival of a new Spanish libero and then the arrival of Tammy shortly after. Now things are looking up and I’m back to rooming with my buddy on road trips J Only a week left here until we both get to fly home for Christmas and see our family and friends… can’t even wait!!


So that pretty much covers things since I left Germany at the end of last season! Looking forward to getting back to Canada for the holidays and eating a whollle lot of turkey and cookies!! I mean… salad and whole grain breads… and water.. without bubbles.


Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!!!


Tschüssiiieeee!! (That one’s for Lupo ;) )


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Author Adam Vella

Adam played 4 seasons at Brock University winning an OUA title in 2003.  He was twice named as an OUA All Star at 2B and RF.  Adam was named OUA League MVP in 2004.  He then went on to play 5 seasons with the Intercounty Brantford Red Sox winning 3 championships in 5 years.  Adam was named to the 2007 All Star team at 2B.  He played 3 seasons with the Team Ontario Provincial Team.

Adam has spent the last 3+ years with Mizuno Canada Ltd. working numerous events and can be seen at many ball diamonds across the country promoting Mizuno and the game of baseball.  He has a passion for the game of baseball and wants to grow the game in Canada from the grass roots level!

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Time Flies by Jordan Larson

by Brynn Murphy on March 6, 2012

It has been a pretty "uneventful" month for me... We have been playing so many games and traveling so much it is hard to know which way is which and where the time has gone. Time flying by has been a huge blessing in that it is one step closer to seeing family and being back in the USA gym.

Since I last wrote we had qualified for the next round of Champions league. This meant we were going to draw a new team/pool and get an opportunity to play someone different. This next round of champions league would consist of one game home and away. If you win both games you move on to the next round. If you split you would have to play one "golden set" to 15 to see who would move on. We ended up drawing Dresden which is a team from Germany. Since we were the higher seed we went to Germany and played them first. When we arrived in Germany it was a nice refresher to get out of Russia for a few days and go site seeing. Since we arrived 2 days early our team arranged for us to go on a tour of a historical area of the city. We were really excited until the tour guide only spoke Russian...ugh!! I know you are probably thinking well duh you are with a bunch of Russians but I thought they would maybe do the tour in both English and Russian, but that didn't matter because just seeing the beautiful city was enough for us. After our tour we went to the local shopping mall so the girls could go crazy. It is amazing to me all the things these girls buy when we are outside of Russia. It's a real treat for them because most things they find are half the price they can find in Russia. After shopping for a couple hours and leaving empty handed it was time to go back to the hotel and prepare for the upcoming game. I had never seen this team play but knew they had a couple girls from the German national team and I knew they would put up a good fight. We played a well-rounded game and were fortunate to win in 3. After the match we had a nice relaxing evening at the hotel before heading back to Russia the next day.

After leaving Germany we were off to Ekaterinburg to play one of the other top ranked teams in the Russian league, Uralochka. We had a nice surprise waiting for us when we arrived. We would be staying at the Hyatt Regency for four days. This was so refreshing being able to stay in a five-star hotel. This was by far the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in in Russia. It was an escape to what felt like America for a short time. We played Uralochka and although they played well, we pulled the win out.

After a few short days back in Kazan it was time for Luke to go home for a while. I have been blessed in that my husband gets to travel with me. All other American national team players that are married do not travel with their significant others. For all of you that don't know Luke, he is actually a licensed structural engineer. We are currently in the process of finishing up house plans in which Luke has been doing all the work. He will be spending his time at home working out details and we hope to begin building this Spring. Luke has been putting his job on hold to follow me around the world. I am so thankful for his sacrifice so I can reach my dream. I love you!

After Luke left I have been trying to keep myself busy as I don't like to be alone. I walked into practice one morning and the director of the club pulled me aside. I was like oh gosh am I in trouble? He was informing me that a local clothing store wanted to do a photo shoot with some of us players. At first I was really confused and I thought some things got lost in translation. They told me to go to this clothing store to try on clothes for a photo shoot at a later date. I went to the clothing store and when I arrived I was so overwhelmed. It was 3 floors of high end designer clothing from the likes of Mark Jacobs and Burberry. I felt honored to be there and getting a chance to wear such beautiful clothing. I spent about an hour and half trying on clothes and after every outfit taking a picture for future reference. The photo shoot was going to be held two days later. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I arrived at the photo shoot around 12 and after 5 outfits and hair and makeup I finally left at 8. It was such a long day but a great learning experience. I have watched Americans Next Top Model and would get angry at some of the girls because they couldn't pose right... Well now I have a better understanding of how hard it really is.

As a lot of you may know I am a Mizuno ambassador and was recently contacted by Mizuno Europe to do a photo shoot in London. I did not know if I would be possible because my schedule has been so crazy. Luckily I was able to fit it in my schedule but for only one day. I left Moscow in the morning of the photo shoot and arrived in London around noon. I started the photo and video shoot around 3 and finished around 8. It was such a great experience to model for Mizuno and to promote the upcoming Olympics.

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TALKIN' VOLLEY by Brian Thornton

by Brynn Murphy on February 24, 2012

When the topic of volleyball is brought up in conversation and being an American professional volleyball player at that, there is really only one idea that I hear repeatedly over and over again (I love a topic sentence where redundancy is King). That one idea is said in a variety of different ways….a professional league in the USA, more fans at domestic games, more college volleyball, more publicity, more coverage, more recognition, more tv, just more volleyball anywhere possible, etc. It's basically the majority idea of those involved with volleyball that expansion is necessary. Expansion seems to be the ultimate goal for volleyball and while I think that's a natural idea or thought to have, I think that people don't really stop and ask themselves why? Why is expansion of the sport, or growing of the game so important? What is there to gain? Why are we not happy with the way the sport is right now? Some of the best people I have met in my life are what we consider to be volleyball people. It's a community…a family. I have seen people in this community help out people they didn't even personally know in some extreme ways and the only thing they really had in common was volleyball. It's a culture that I think can be easily lost with excessive expansion and popularity. It's a throwback sport. The best volleyball players in the country are accessible, approachable and available. I have seen Clay Stanley stay for over an hour after matches making sure that absolutely anyone in the crowd that wanted an autograph would get one. Meanwhile, NBA stars duck fans waiting outside the arena to get to the bus. The popularity and money ultimately breed a culture of ego and greed. There may be no cameras, flashing lights, or Will Ferrell player introductions in volleyball. There may be no front page headlines, sports center highlights or tmz articles about a volleyball player dating a celebrity. But I'm okay with that…because I think if volleyball was like that in America, I wouldn't have met the kind of people I call my best friends today. It may be a small, third-tier, culture sport but I'm glad that it is.

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