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Wed, 01/19/2011 - 22:16
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Junior Baseball magazine features two Mizuno baseball bats as part of its 2010-2011 Baseball Bat Review, the MZM271 Youth Maple Bat and the MZC62 Wood Composite Bat.

mizuno mzm271 youth maple baseball bat

Here is what Junior Baseball has to say about the Mizuno MZM271 Youth Maple Baseball Bat:
"What's hot about this product?  This mahogany-colored bat is hand selected from premium maple wood.  Cupped for balanced swing weight.  Higher-end models used by some of the game's premier players."

Here is what Junior Baseball has to say about the Mizuno MZC62 Wood Composite Baseball Bat:
"What's hot about this product? The advanced engineered wood composite bat utilizes multiple pieces of wood for maximum performance and durability.
It has the feel and performance of solid wood but with increased durability.  Sanded handle for better grip.  Color options: Matte Black, Matte Royal, and Matte Copper.  90-day warranty."

Junior Baseball magazine also features a two-page article on "Fielding the Bunt", with insight from Mizuno Brand Ambassador, Casey Blake.  Blake offers his 5 tips to fielding the bunt from third base in great detail.

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