Men's Wave Kazan

Mizuno Running Men Road-Trail Neutral Moderate Mizuno Running Men Road-Trail Neutral Moderate Mizuno Running Men Road-Trail Neutral Moderate

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Maish1★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I've been running for well over 20 years now, and when it came to the trails I was always torn between using a "Road" shoe for the flexibility and response, and a "Trail" shoe for the protection and extra grip. Now with the Wave Kazan I have the best of both worlds. Not only have I found that this shoe has all the grip and protection I need, but it is also very light weight, flexible and responsive when I really want to get going. An extra plus to this shoe is that it also feels good on the road when I'm running from the house to the trails, and you can't really say that about all performance trail shoes.

Wave Kazan: Take the Mizuno Running Experience Off-Road in our Most Versatile and Technically Advanced Trail Shoe Ever.

The Wave Kazan derives its name from the Samurai battle standard of “Furin Kazan” meaning “move as swift as the wind, stay as silent as the forest, attack as fierce as fire, and be as undefeatable as the mountain”. The striking upper design was patterned after topography and Japanese rock gardens.

Key Features

  • Our most versatile, all-terrain trail shoe lets you glide smoothly over any type of terrain.
  • A Concave Wave cradles the heel against excessive movement, while a midfoot “X” groove allows the heel and forefoot to move independently and adapt to uneven terrain.
  • The ultra-aggressive x-studded outsole pattern is strategically patterned to provide optimal grip and traction while still allowing for optimal flexibility where needed.
  • And at just 9.5oz., the Wave Kazan is light enough for a fast day on the trails, yet rugged and protected enough for an epic, 100 mile ultra.




Optimal shock attenuation, durability and a superior ride.
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